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Bonus 1

Summit Fast-Track Workbook

Accelerate your vibrational understanding and take your health to another level! This exhaustive and highly organized workbook will allow you to navigate the Healing With Vibration Summit in less time and prove to be invaluable for future reference. Inside, you’ll see time-stamped bullet points together with the 3 TOP tips from each of the 50+ experts. A must have summit companion!

Lloyd Burrell

Bonus 2

Lloyd's Summit Debrief

Sit back and let your host guide you through his 7-most powerful takeaways from the 50+ expert summit interviews. In this exclusive and intimate session, Lloyd shares with you why you should care about vibration and what to do on a practical, day-to-day level, to harness the potent benefits of vibration for yourself and your family.

Lloyd Burrell

Bonus 3

Lloyd's Daily Energy Routine

Establishing routines and positive habits in your daily life is easier said than done. Yet it’s one of the biggest keys to unlocking the true benefits of ‘healing with vibration’. In this handy guide, Lloyd reveals his personal daily energy routine, developed from nearly 20 years of research, and ‘tuning-in’ on an energetic level. Use these powerful techniques yourself to manifest sustainable vibrant health in your own life.

Lloyd Burrell

Bonus 4

3 Day Kickstart - Brain Fog Elimination Plan

“Wading through sludge” is how brain fog was once described to me. It’s seemingly random onset can ruin your day, leaving you unfocused and even feeling helpless. This rapid 3-day plan will give you a fresh awareness and understanding of what brain fog really is, why it happens and a toolbox of simple techniques you can use to reverse it and prevent it.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Bonus 5

Immunity, Lungs & Stress Support Program

Cultivating your body’s immunity is one of the greatest acts of kindness you can bestow on your future-self. Dr Maya will guide you through the science resilience with particular respect to your lungs and stress levels – both critical for your health and happiness. She shares with you what she does for herself, her family and patients. Some of what she recommends you’ll probably already have in your kitchen or can pick in your yard or nearby park.

Dr. Maya Shetreat

Bonus 6

ONDAMED® - A Story of Love, Healing and Medical Revolution

Discover how to bring the benefits of Energy Medicine and ONDAMED® into your life. From its origin in 1994 you’ll learn the amazing story of ONDAMED (from the Latin “Wave-Medicine”) and the impact it’s had on millions of people around the globe. Learn why its inherent fine-tuning ability to ‘what and where repair and regeneration as needed’ is directed by your pulse reaction.

Dr. Silvia Binder

Bonus 7


With the dangers of prescription medication becoming clearer by the day, this concise 33-page eBook presents 13 simple steps for balancing your brain’s chemistry. You’ll learn how to mitigate the environmental influences linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression and anxiety. Each of the 13 steps contains key insights together with practical tips on implementation to boost your long-term health, and well-being.

Rosita Alvarez

Bonus 8

In the LymeLight: My Healing Journey

In this heart-wrenching and inspirational story, “health nut” Erin Elizabeth shares her personal journey from debilitating chronic disease and weight issues to getting her health back on track. It’s impossible to do justice to Erin’s eBook in this short description other than to say it’s a wonderful message of hope and courage against adversity.

Erin Elizabeth

Bonus 9

The Top 8 Secrets - Of The World's Healthiest, Longest-living Populations

The title says it all: this is your opportunity to discover the most important health habits and rituals practiced by our world’s healthiest elders and centenarians. This extensive research from the Human Longevity team has been compiled into the 8 most accessible daily habits to give you immediate results for your health and longevity!

Jason Prall

Bonus 10

The Wholesome Living Online Course

Discover 21 uplifting health and lifestyle strategies to transform your life into a life filled with passion, creativity, productivity and energy. From morning motivation to creating serenity when feeling triggered, Nathan Cane guide’s you step-by-step in concise and inspirational video teachings for each of the 21 strategies. Don’t forget to download the handy workbook which will help you leverage the course for maximum health, vitality and happiness in your life!

Nathan Cane

Bonus 11

Glow beauty Detox Ebook

From environmental factors to guilty pleasures, we are all exposed to toxins in our everyday lives. Navigating these challenges for optimal health is not easy, especially in our ever-busy lives. In this respect, Dr Michelle Sand’s 149 page eBook is a breath of fresh air: page-by-page you’ll gain a unique insight of how your body can become toxic, the risk factors in your home and workplace and easy-to-action steps to improve your health and physical appearance. Her delicious recipes almost feel like a bonus – they seem to come with a feel-good factor from both making and eating them!

Dr. Michelle Sands

Bonus 12

The Glymphatic System - Brain Hygiene Guide

Your Glymphatic System is key to your brain’s health and in this 20-page eBook Dr Christine Schaffner shares with you the 3 crucial ways to improve the function of this “sleeping giant” in your body. Amongst many insights, you’ll discover the importance of sleep, including a little known, easy to apply tip which will help you create optimal sleep conditions in your bedroom.

Dr. Christine Schaffner