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Here’s a message from our sponsor: Blushield is one of the TOP EMF protection devices on the planet – in fact, nothing comes close.

Our technology is based on research by Nikolas Tesla and a small group of engineers and researchers who have dedicated 34 years to creating the best protection available.

Blushield is a device strong enough to counter today’s radiation exposure levels (including 5G).

How? Blushield is a powered device. (To learn more watch the video above.)

Other passive devices (such as: stickers, pendants, etc.) that are not powered, cannot be amplified and, thus, do not meet the level of strength required to protect you from today’s EMFs.

In fact, we have evolved our technology for 9 generations, to what it has become today.


Consider getting a device for your home (and maybe a second for your office) today, at the special VIP Healing With Vibration price. Remember: use the event coupon code ‘summit100’ to save $100 on your order. Click here

(Note: $100 discount does not apply to premium products or products under $200)