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ATTENTION: EMF Sufferers & Concerned Homeowners

What If You Could Make Your Home 100% Safe Against The Invisible Dangers Of EMFs In Just 7-Days From Now?

Without a Science Degree, Time Consuming Self-Study, Misinformation, Or Wasting Your Money On Useless Gadgetry

From Lloyd Burrell


From the desk of: Lloyd Burrell
Re: The Invisible Danger Lurking In Your Home

Dear Friend,

If you’re:

  • A symptomatic EMF sufferer already
  • Concerned that you may be causing yourself injury (even though you feel no symptoms around EMFs)
  • Simply worried about the rising risks to your health of electromagnetic fields in our modern world (and especially in your home)

…then reading this letter might just be the best decision you make this year.

Here’s why…

My name is Lloyd Burrell and back in 2002 I experienced one of the worst feelings of my life.

It Felt Like My Brain Was BURNING From The Inside Out.

At the time, I didn’t understand what was happening to me, all I knew was that it was incredibly frightening. 

Later it became clear I’d succumbed to a phenomenon called “hot head” which – along with headaches – are two of the most common symptoms of electromagnetic field (EMF) devices.

As you may know, cell phones are a common cause, but unfortunately – in our ever evolving electromagnetic world – there are many other EMF-emitting devices that can be responsible. 

Have you felt any of these symptoms in the past 3 months?

If so, it would be very wise to consider the adverse impact that EMFs may be having on your health.

But What If There Was Some Way To Make All This Go Away – What Would That Mean To You?

  • Relief from your current symptoms?
  • An end to worries about asymptomatic injury?
  • Satisfaction that you’re accruing the daily benefits of EMF safety?
  • Relief that procrastination is finally over and you’ve got the job done?
Even better — what if you could achieve that by just spending 15-30 minutes per day actioning some simple tasks?

There’s Just One Problem – “100% EMF Safety” Is A Pure Fantasy.

In fact, to put it bluntly, it’s a lie – it’s the EMF equivalent of snake oil.

And anybody or any product that claims to offer you this, you should be wary of.

Unfortunately, I learned this lesson the hard way. 

As I mentioned earlier, it started one day in February 2002.  

My cell phone rang, I pulled it out of my jacket pocket to answer the call and………BAM……… within seconds of answering the call I started to feel dizzy and confused. 

My ear started to feel warm from the inside out. 

This burning sensation then spread to the whole side of my face. 

Within a very short time the pain became so intense I had to stop using my cell phone completely.

Within a few days a long list of other electrical devices including my computer, my TV, the radio in my car, even my regular corded landline telephone started to have the same effect on me.

I developed multiple inexplicable symptoms. 

Even after consulting doctor after doctor, the medical community was at a loss as to how to help me. 

Undeterred, I kept trying everything and anything – every EMF chip, diode, pendant, harmonizer and neutralizer I could find. 

If I could afford it – I bought it. 

And sometimes even when I couldn’t really afford it I still bought it.

All told…

I Wasted Over $25,000 On Solutions That Didn't Work

Feeling depressed, it seemed like nothing worked. 

Everything I was learning about electrical sensitivity talked about the importance of reducing EMF exposure.

So I bought an EMF meter and started experimenting. 

Then I made my first revelation. 

For months I’d been feeling head-achy and heavily fatigued when I sat down to eat at the kitchen table and my EMF meter told me why. 

Just the other side of the wall from where I sat in the kitchen was my cordless phone base, emitting such high levels of EMFs that it maxed out my EMF meter….. in the kitchen!

And so I went down the route of EMF protection and avoidance. 

I read everything I could get my hands on from EMF experts and consultants and started implementing changes to my home and work environment. 

Realizing the EMF meter I’d bought had severe limitations, I bought another meter… then another and another. 

I eliminated EMF hotspots – and what I couldn’t eliminate, I shielded.

Each time I added another layer of EMF protection I felt a glimmer of hope as my symptoms subsided.

Little By Little, I Began To Recover My Health…

And today, I no longer suffer from the debilitating symptoms of electrical hypersensitivity. 

I am 100% healed. 

And this isn’t just my assessment, it’s also that of a medical doctor.

It was a long gradual process, because it was difficult to find true information that could help.

But Today, You’re Faced With The Opposite Problem I Dealt With…

Today, things have changed.

It’s probably fair to say the issue has been flipped 180-degrees.

Because awareness of EMF dangers has increased dramatically.

In fact, there is an overwhelming amount of information available.

…so much information it’s difficult to sort through and find specific action steps you can use to bring health and healing to your life.

The other problem is that this increased awareness has created a huge amount of fear.

People often ask me, what’s the point of trying to do anything about EMFs when…

  • 5G antennas will soon be on every lamp post and street corner?
  • Everyone is being blasted 24/7 by their neighbors Wi-Fi?
  • There are hundreds of thousands of satellites in the ionosphere beaming down radiation from space?

Simply put – isn’t the situation just hopeless?

Even worse, this has paralysed many people into a state of inaction – almost like they’re…

Frozen – Like A Rabbit In The Headlights

This is exactly what inspired me to create the 7-Day EMF Safe Home Challenge.

Through my speaking engagements, consultations and Q&A sessions, I came to realize:

  1. Many people are simply overloaded with confusing and contradictory information.
  2. Which leads to a huge waste of time and money being spent on EMF products and services that simply don’t work.
  3. Consequently, too many people are making too little progress… or getting no meaningful results at all in terms of EMF mitigation.

Worse yet – in our age of Internet of Things (IoT) – these challenges are getting worse, not better.

I felt something had to be done so I decided to put together a special action-based program called:

"This concise course is very informative, giving myself and my patients easily achievable information and access to simple solutions to minimize and eliminate many of the most prevalent and dangerous exposures we face from EMR and technology every day. Thank you, Lloyd, for continuing to share this important message with a world over-immersed in electromagnetic radiation pollution.”
Robert P Turner, MD, MSCR, QEEGD, BCN
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston SC

In a nutshell, it’s about getting rapid results.

It’s about taking simple daily ACTION to transform and protect your home environment from EMFs in just 7 Days.

Here’s just some of the powerful benefits you’ll receive:

  • Stop drowning in information and take meaningful ACTION for a 7-day transformation
  • Become aware of the risks and develop confidence in how to manage them
  • Creating the EMF environment that’s personalized and right for you
  • Get stuff done that you’ve been putting off for ages
  • Focus on bite-sized actionable steps
  • Leave indecision and confusion behind – know exactly what to do and how to do it
  • Have confidence and peace of mind about your home environment
  • Fun, actionable, rewarding actions for your family safety and peace of mind
  • Accrue the long-term benefits of low-EMF living

What The 7-Day EMF Safe Home Challenge Is NOT…

  • It’s not an academic study into the compelling science about the dangers of EMFs.
  • It’s not about acquiring even more information.
  • It’s not about an inability to make decisions because of information paralysis

Sounds Great Lloyd! But Why Focus On The Home?

Great question.

There are 3 main reasons why we’re focusing on your home environment:

1. Home Is Where You Sleep

An hour of daytime does not equal an hour of nighttime in terms of EMF exposure.

Your immune system does its major repair work while you sleep – this is when your body’s cells regenerate, rejuvenate and detoxify.

If your cells and organs are not able to perform these processes and your cells are subjected to constant stress. Your cells will become damaged, infections, mutations and neural disorders can proliferate.

Nighttime is also when your pineal gland produces melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate sleep and contributes to many vital bodily processes.

Crucially, studies show that exposure to EMFs impede the production of melatonin.

If your sleeping space is not conducive to the deep sleep phase, your immune system can quickly become overburdened, thereby opening the door to illness.

Studies show EMFs exposures can interrupt sleep cycles and they are linked to a host of ailments and symptoms including:

  • Irritation of allergies
  • Tiredness upon awakening
  • Heart palpitations
  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Daytime irritability
  • A weakening of your immune system


2. Increased Time In The Home

According to a recent study by American Time Use Survey, in 2020 we spent 62% of our waking time in our homes, up from 50% a year earlier.

While this was obviously amplified by the ‘pandemic’, there are good reasons to believe that the average time spent at home will continue to rise.

First is the increasing trend of working at home, again accelerated by lockdowns and stay-at-home measures.

This is a particular concern because, unwittingly, many people are working in conditions of extremely poor electromagnetic hygiene. This can be incredibly deceptive because your home environment might seem safe and hygienic in every other sense… but this invisible danger of EMFs can pose a serious threat to your health and well-being.

People that previously worked in an office using a nice and safe hard-wired internet connection (and often shielded electrical wiring) are now working at home using an exclusively wireless (radio-frequency microwave radiation) connection.

Whilst this might seem ‘modern’, comfortable and very socially acceptable, the health consequences are potentially catastrophic. 

(Remember – most people don’t feel these health effects but studies show EMFs damage your health over time at the cellular level.)

Second, even if you’re not home much right now, statistically you are more likely to spend time at home in the future. 

So it is more important than ever to make EMF home hygiene a priority now.


3. Transferable Knowledge & Benefits

Your home is the environment you know best and it’s also the environment that you have the most control over.

This makes it the perfect place to learn and implement effective EMF measures to protect your health and the health of your family.

When you do this you also acquire the foundations of a life-long skill set that can be applied in other locations and circumstances for additional protection.

We’ll talk more about other settings towards the end of the program.


  • STOP! Why you must take this one crucial step before starting EMF mitigation.
  • How to rapidly assess the electromagnetic dangers in your home using this key tool.
  • The 3 quickest and easiest ways to protect yourself and your family from home-based EMF risks.


  • Cell phone DANGER – 13 FREE and easy ways reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation.
  • Avoid wasting money on EMF gadgets – 2 inexpensive devices I recommend to make your cell phone use safer. 
  • CAUTION: The cell phone accessory which many people unwittingly buy which can actually increase your EMF risk (and what to do instead)
  • 3 quickest and easiest ways to protect yourself and your family from home-based EMF risks.


  • Why Wi-Fi is wicked — 3 nearly free & easy tips to make your home Wi-Fi a lot safer. PLUS – 3 more advanced strategies.
  • Safer Wi-Fi means slower internet speed, right? Wrong! The secret of significantly reducing your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation – without ANY reduction in performance.
  • How to eliminate the biggest source of Wi-Fi radiation in your home — my #1 recommendation for WiFi mitigation


  • Using your desktop, laptop or tablet more than ever? Use this free and easy “trick” to make your device MUCH safer to use.
  • How to KNOW if you’re protected from EMFs emitted by your computer, rather than merely guessing at it… Without any special equipment or knowledge.
  • Lloyd’s top 2 EMF meter picks. PLUS – the benchmark readings above which you need to take action.


  • Restore your body’s natural wake/sleep cycle (ESSENTIAL for optimum health), using 2 totally free and often overlooked methods.
  • The #1 safest form of indoor lighting you should use (Plus –  the 2 types you should avoid at all costs)
  • WARNING: Are you handicapping your immune system by exposing yourself to the wrong kind of light at night? The TRUTH about night light and the best ways to boost your body’s natural defenses.PLUS – the benchmark readings above which you need to take action.


  • A simple way to determine if you have dangerous magnetic fields in your home (you do need an EMF meter)
  • 2 free & easy ways to deal with electric fields
  • The often-overlooked electric & magnetic field problem in EVERY room in your home & how to overcome it


  • Which room in your house poses the greatest EMF danger? This often overlooked answer will put you on alert and may surprise you.
  • How people have transformed their lives using 2 free and simple methods to DRASTICALLY reduce electropollution in the one room in your house that matters the most – and how you can do the same.
  • WARNING: get this wrong at your peril — the simple 3-step protocol you MUST follow if you want to DIY shield

But that’s not all, you’ll also receive instant access to this complimentary bonus…

Your Exclusive Bonus:
The Dirty Electricity Masterclass

If you’re reading this at home right now, chances are you’re being exposed to Dirty Electricity – commonly known as the “stealth toxin”.

It’s not coming from your cell phone, your WiFi, or even the 5G-enabled street furniture  outside (that’s coming if it hasn’t arrived already).

Instead, the primary sources of Dirty Electricity are:

  • The web of electrical wiring embedded in the walls of your house.
  • The myriad of electrical devices appliances throughout your home.
  • The ground – the physical earth.

Unfortunately, while the EMF dangers of cell phones, 5G and WiFi are vitally important, they’ve created a “cultural distraction” from the dangers of Dirty Electricity.

Simply put, Dirty Electricity is an often overlooked and poorly understood phenomenon.

That’s why I recently held an exclusive live masterclass for a handful of my closest group of clients, to share:

  • The EMF “Understand – Measure – Mitigate” Principle
  • Understanding The Dirty Electricity Problem
  • Research: Symptoms Identified
  • 2 Types of Dirty Electricity
  • Devices That Cause Dirty Electricity
  • How To Deal With Dirty Electricity
  • Detecting Dirty Electricity Without a Meter
  • How To Measure the Dirty Electricity in Your Home
  • 2 Ways To Filter Dirty Electricity
  • Recommended Resources
  • Q&A

The unreleased footage of this exclusive 32-minute session is yours FREE as the perfect complement to the 7-Day EMF Safe Home Challenge.

You’ll receive instant access as soon as you take action to complete your order.

Please note: this is not available anywhere online or sold separately via my website.

But My Situation Is Unique – This Won’t Work For Me…

That’s what you might be saying to yourself…

“My health history is different, so I can’t really be helped…”

“I’ve tried so many things, I can’t see this working either…”

“My home EMF situation is unique so it won’t work for me…”

However, I personally guarantee it will work for you.

In fact, if by taking the simple actionable steps outlined don’t work – or you’re not 100% satisfied in any way – you’re fully covered.

Simply send a quick email to our friendly support desk and you’ll receive every penny of your money back.

30 DAYS Satisfaction Guarantee!

You really don’t need to decide now. I want you to rest easy, so I’m giving you 30 days to try my “The 7-Day EMF Safe Home Challenge”. I’m that certain you’re going to love this.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days – no questions asked.

You Can’t Lose With My 100%, Ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee

If at any time during the first 30 days you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, you’ll receive a 100% refund of your purchase price. You have complete peace of mind and nothing to lose – the risk is ALL on me, as it should be.

Get ‘Unstuck’ By Taking The 7-Day EMF Safe Home Challenge Today!

Continue ‘Bathing’ In A Sea Of Information… Or Take 7-Days Of Simple Action For Real Results?

If you’re still feeling unsure, please read this…

You know there is more information on the dangers of EMFs than ever before.

You know that causes confusion and risks wasting weeks, if not months of your time.

You know the false-hope that comes from losing your hard-earned money on the myriad of ineffective EMF gadgets and devices.

…and you know from 20+ years of study, trial, error and hard-won breakthroughs I’ve been able to transform the lives of thousands of people just like you…

So my question to you is simply this:

Given this is 100% risk-free and you have absolutely nothing to lose… do you really want to stay in the exact situation you’re in right now?

Simply put, the only way to lose is by not taking action.

By taking action NOW you’re making a positive difference in your life.

Click the button below and I’ll look forward to welcoming you inside in one moment from now…

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The short answer is yes – this mini-course is designed to enable anyone, whatever their level, to hit the ground running. At the end of the 7 days not only will you have a good understanding of the problem, you will have taken a number of important steps to reduce your exposure.

A: I actually think you can’t NOT afford to get this. At just $79 and backed by an ironclad 30-day guarantee, you have zero risk, everything to gain and nothing to lose.

A: Yes, you can get started whenever it’s convenient for you and you can also go at your own pace. So however busy you are right now you’ll be able to progress through the program at your own speed. If that’s starting now and taking 7-days, or starting in a few weeks and taking a few weeks, that’s fine. By gaining access to the challenge today, you have the flexibility to progress through it in a way which is comfortable and enjoyable for your unique situation. Your access to the challenge is permanent and does not expire.

A: That depends. If you’ve digested and applied absolutely everything in my Ultimate EMF Protection Kit then the 7-Day EMF Safe Home Challenge is unlikely to take you much further on your EMF journey. But if you haven’t applied everything in my kit then this 7-Day challenge will give you a big advantage in bringing completion to anything you’ve already done. Equally, if you feel you have a lot of knowledge on EMF risk and mitigation but would like a more action-oriented approach to help you implement, then I highly recommend the challenge. Your purchase is also backed by the 30-day guarantee, so either way you have complete confidence and peace of mind.

A: First, absolutely no “catches” or hidden charges whatsoever – $79 is exactly what you’ll pay. Secondly, yes I intentionally made this course affordable so I can get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

A: The short answer is if you have applied absolutely every EMF strategy in my Practical Guide, then no you don’t need this. But my book and this course are really quite different. To quote Harvard educated Dr David Carpenter, my book is “a comprehensive summary of the known and suspected effects of electromagnetic fields on humans, animals and nature…”. Whereas my 7-Day EMF Safe Home Challenge is about helping you take simple daily ACTION to transform and protect your home from EMFs.

A: As little or as much as you want. The longest daily video is 12 minutes long. Then there is the time to apply the ACTION point of the day. The daily content varies but some days you will be able to action your EMF task in a few minutes, other days will take a bit more time.

A: Every day for 7 days I send you a short instructional action-oriented video. Some days I also send you an action checklist or other resource. This is intended to be short and snappy, so that you can learn something bite-sized and apply it and then get on with your day.

A: It would be difficult for this to not work for you, on some level. You don’t need any special training or skills here. You just need to be able to set aside 15-30 minutes or so a day to do this. Frankly, this is not rocket science. Just give this challenge a little time every day and you will get results.

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